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Advanced Personal Robot and Personal Transporter

Segway Ninebot LOOMO Advanced Personal Robot and Personal Transporter

  • Mobile robot sidekick goes where you go. Powerful motors & Large volume battery enable speeds of up to 11 mph, up to a distance of 22 miles on one charge. 11-Inch anti-slip tires allow for smooth riding on uneven roads.

  • Telepresence Avatar: With its advanced computer vision, LOOMO can follow you autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more. And you can speak, explore, interact, and experience as if you are LOOMO via the LOOMO app.

  • Powerful AI that incorporates Intel RealSense: Equipped with Intel RealSense ZR300 camera, which enables 3D perception, robot mapping and obstacle avoidance. 1080p HD-camera with 30Hz streaming, 2 infrared distance sensors help LOOMO more smart.

  • Platform designed for endless integration possibilities. You can use LOOMO’s Android SDK to directly access LOOMO’s full range mobility and AI capabilities to build a range of playful features or practical solutions. Max Payload-220 pounds

  • New Skills Unlock Over-the-Air (OTA): LOOMO will continuously update its software and app to include new features to impress and surprise you. Simple drag-and-drop interface will be released-users without programming experience can teach new tricks!

Dexarm Maker — All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm by Rotrics

Dexarm Maker — All-in-one Desktop Robot Arm by Rotrics — 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, Laser Cutter, and Pen Holder — High Precision and Expansibility — A Versatile Robotic Arm Machine

  • THREE SWITCHABLE MODULES — Easy to attach changeable modules with just one click. No need for screws and cables when using this intelligent product

  • ALL-IN-ONE ROBOT ARM — Dexarm Maker is versatile and can do it all alone. Drawing and writing, laser engraving and cutting, and 3-d printing

  • EASY TO USE SOFTWARE — It comes with free interactive software that brings your ideas to reality in just a few clicks. A complete DIY kit

  • COLORFUL TOUCHSCREEN — 3.5-inch touchscreen allows you to check the status and command Rotrics within your hand

  • 0.05mm HIGH PRECISION — Patented decelerator design reduces the gap between gears, allowing 0.05mm extremely high repeatability. Perfect for industrial applications. Laser Class 4. Power Output 1600 mW

Robotic Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Automower 315X Robotic Lawn Mower, Small — Medium Yards (0.4 Acres)

  • Simple DIY Installation — You can DIY (Do-It-Yourself) the simple Husqvarna Automower installation process! Your Automower comes with everything you’ll need to install it yourself, from boundary wires to the patented guide wires.

  • Start and stop mowing jobs, manage cutting schedules, track your Automower 315X’s location, and more with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home devices using the Automower Connect app.

  • A noise-reducing motor design creates a quiet mowing experience. Plus, Lift & Tilt sensors help prevent collisions and automatically shut Automower down to ensure that kids and pets stay safe.

  • Discover the future of lawn care. This X-Line Series Husqvarna Automower works quietly and autonomously to make lawn maintenance easy. And, you can control it with smartphone and smart home devices.

  • Get a beautiful lawn 24/7 with this robotic lawn mower. Suitable for more complex small to medium-sized yards (up to 0.4 acres), it cuts less grass more frequently to maintain a carpet-like look.

  • Husqvarna has been the world leader in robotic mowing for over 25 years. LED headlights, rubber bumpers, special wheel caps, and GPS navigation and theft tracking are standard in X-Line Series mowers.

  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cutting height from 0.8 to 2.4 inches

  • 3 razor-sharp safety blades cut less grass more frequently to maintain a smooth, carpet-like appearance — no bagging required

Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot

Butterfly Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot | Best Ball Launcher-Thrower-Shooter for Your Ping Pong Table | Free Carry Bag, Remote, Tech Support, & 120 Balls | Practice Ping Pong Anytime

  • Adjust ball frequency from 5–120 balls per minute for your ideal pace. Fine tune timing with IFC.

  • Sequence together several drills so they run automatically either one after the other or randomly.

  • Perfect footwork, strokes, & other skills. Select a pre-saved drill, press start, and begin play.

  • Download regular firmware and software updates in the app to get new features and fix bugs.

  • Control the robot wirelessly via Bluetooth with the Amicus app on the supplied Android tablet.

Polaris 965iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

Polaris 965iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner, Automatic Vacuum for InGround Pools up to 60ft, Smart App, WiFi, Amazon Alexa, 70ft Swivel Cable w/Strong Suction & Easy Acess Filter Canister

  • INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER: Wherever you are, whenever you want — clean your pool easily with the iAquaLink app. Comes WiFi ready and many options within the Polaris app that allow your pool to be cleaned, all from your phone. Comes w/ dirty canister indicator.

  • IN GROUND: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 60 ft.

  • MOBILE APP & WiFi: With a built-in WiFi connection that enables iAquaLink app control, the power to start or stop your pool cleaner is never further away than your phone.

  • PREMIUM CLEANING PERFORMANCE: 4-Wheel Drive — climbs over obstacles and won’t get stuck. Low-torque watertight swivel keeps cable from tangling during operation.

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Comes equipped with a 70ft cable w/ tangle-reducing swivel and an extra-large 5L debris canister. Premium caddy included.

GOWE Metal Fighter Robot

GOWE Metal Fighter Robots/Humanoid and Biped Robots

  • Metal Fighter Robots — a fascinating new world which you can now experience at first-hand. With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions you assemble the kit components to produce a working humanoid robot of the kind only usually found in universities and research institutes. The set includes all the software required to allow you to bring the robot to purposeful life — even if you are a complete beginner. Simple to get started

  • Robotics for the beginner; The robot is great fun — and the fun starts immediately; No special computer knowledge or programming experience required; Catch & Play — move the robot and click: and you have produced the first movement!

  • Carefully matched The kit contains all the components required to operate this high-tech robot; Carefully matched mechanical systems and software.

  • Expandable The ATMEL ATMega 128 microcontroller features ample performance reserves for a wide range of expansions; The mechanical system is of modular construction, and can be extended to cater for future applications; Can be considered as an open development platform.

  • Connectable device Sharp GP2D12/GP2D120 distance measuring sensor (optional) Devantech SRF04 Sonar(optional) SRF08/SRF10 Sonar(by Softwareemulation, optional) Pyro-Temperature sensor Array TPA81(by Softwareemulation, optional) Gyro : e.g. GWS PG-03 (optional) RC Receiver(at least 4ch., optional) IR sensor included etc.